Sewing: Tights for Dancing Legs

I had a few adult knee socks hanging around from the ill-fated sock monkey project. I made one, it sucked to make, never made another one. So, these two fancy socks didn't match. They're black and silver glittery stuff, from Rue 21 a couple of years ago.

I saw this neat idea on Choose to Thrive, to use knee socks to make toddler tights, and decided Audrey needed a pair (this is not Audrey, this is Aldous...my fantastic model)

 Basically, what she does is use an old pair of tights for the top, and knee socks for the bottom.

I made a pair of boxer briefs, left the legs un-hemmed and didn't put elastic on the waist.

Then, I followed the directions on the blog, for the most part. The only things I did differently, aside from using a home-made boxer brief, was to use the sock-top bands as the waist band, and I used an existing, fitting sock to draw the toe box, rather than putting them on, pinning, then taking off. I try to avoid excess dressing and undressing of toddlers if I can.

These went together in less than an hour for me, and that includes deciding which boxer brief pattern to use, what size, and how to modify it to eliminate the codpiece PLUS sewing the waistband onto the wrong side, having to cut it off and resew it. I'm sure once you managed all of that, this is a 30 minute project. I recommend trying it!

These are also very practical for boys in the winter, to wear as an extra layer under pants, jeans or snow pants.

I may whip up a few pairs for my etsy shop, but I have to decide if I want to stock matched legs, or mismatched legs??? Comments? Opinions?


TattooedMom said...

Mismatched is the way to go in my opinion lol. They are way more fun that way.

Mrs. Bianca said...

i prefer the mismatched variety myself, but anything with a pattern is always my favorite! Great idea! I have quite a few lone socks roaming around.

angela said...

Definitely go with mismatch. My favorite tights ever had one black leg and one white leg. I love the look of two patterns.

Adit said...

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