A Friday Field Trip: It's A Grind Storytime

Free story time!! I found out about this place in the spring but we had obligations on Tuesdays so we couldn't go to this. I was so glad when summer rolled around so we could try it out.

This is a really attractive coffee shop with a lot of neat artworks, and notices for different events. I think tonight (Friday) they are having live music. I would LOVE to see more info on their (lame) website or on their Facebook page. Their website from the main It's a Grind website goes to nothing....and then the link on the Facebook page goes to a group venture website, so it doesn't have any info either, really. I would probably would have gone sooner had it been easier to find out what they have to offer. There's no menu online, either, even tho they serve food there.

Anyway, storytime is at 11am. The storyteller is a very engaging woman who moves quickly from one thing to the next, keeping the kids entertained.

They sang several songs, read a couple of stories, and we did a fast craft.

The room is full of big comfy chairs.

William was a bit freaked out, so I entertained him by taking his picture while he was in the Ergo.

The kids had a treat. I actually had gotten there a bit early to scope out the place, and ordered this to occupy the boys while we waited (otherwise, they would have been running around like maniacs), but it took so long for them to make it that it was time for storytime to begin when it came, and I had to chase them around for 10 minutes anyway. Bad planning, mom.

Aldous enjoyed my chai.

All in all it was a good time. To get here, take Dart Rail greenline and get off at Baylor Station...it's right on the platform. The pic at the top of this article is the part that faces the platform. There's a great patio for "train watching". If you drive, be aware that you cannot see the coffee shop from where you park. Park on the street in metered parking, or on the other side of the train platform.

One more pic of the inside

It's a great time and I recommend it!

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