A Friday Field Trip: Crow Asian Art Collection

While Emily was visiting, we took the boys via McKinney Avenue Trolley to the Crow Asian Art Collection in Dallas. We walked to the trolley. On our way out I noticed that our trash had been vandalized and now an open bag of trash was in our recycling bin. *sigh*. It was recycling pickup day, too, but I didn't have time to fix this, or we'd be late. So, I took this pic to remember how mad I was, and we went on our way.

Here's Emily, pushing William.

While we waited for the trolley, William attempted Mt. Fire Hydrant. well, until I reminded him that dogs pee on those.

Here it comes!

The last stop on the line is at the Dallas Museum of Art, so we got off there.

We walk down Ross one block, then take a left. You come to this cool intersection of the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, and Crow Asian Art.

On the DMA lawn.

We're on the "crowe side" of the street, facing the Nasher.

Paper cranes

There is a laminated spiral bound book you can use as reference to each of the artworks.

Waiting for the elevator.

meditating/levitating bronze headless figures.

Stopping for lunch.

We had some gigantic cookies leftover from our trip to El Rancho the day before. MMM!

Look! I was here, too!

The Dallas Museum of Art fountain.

The obligatory stick.

Nifty fountain/shady area.

This artwork was between the fountain area, and the buildings.

We headed on to Fountain Place. On the link page, upper right, there is a video of this whole place.

Baby wearing pic of me, the ergo, and 4.5 y/o William, who still LOVES being near mom!

Aldous, the big boy and cool dude, in the stroller.

William is addicted to Emily's iPod.

Emily, and the still iPod-ing William. He calls it her "game phone"

Still playing...he's hooked!

And the ride home. :)

Another fun outing in down town Dallas, all for free! The trolley is always free, and makes a big loop from CityPlace Station/West Village all the way to the Dallas Museum of Art, with lots of stops in between.The Crow Collection is open Tuesdays–Thursdays 10 AM–9 PM, and Fridays–Sundays 10 AM–6 PM; closed Mondays

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