Random Wednesday Sick Bed Post: Dance Planet and Arts District Dallas

So, after a horrible bought of diverticulitis, I spent last night and today resting, so while I was just sitting here,
 I edited a bunch, just for your entertainment! I didn't get one done for Tuesday like I usually do, because I was at PrimaCare writhing around in pain. Man, that was a BAD day! Anyway, today I'm better, but still in bed, resting.

In April we went to a dance events held in the Arts District of Dallas.  The downtown attractions map shows walking distances from One Arts Plaza VERY clearly. We've been to a billion things there, and it's really nice. Also, it's walking distance from the McKinney Avenue Trolley (free trolley, picks up at City Place Dart Rail Station, takes you all the way to the Dallas Museum of Art).

 We spent a lot of time at the AT&T Performing Ats Center. They frequently have Pay What You Can tickets to performances, so check it out. Right now, today, they have Cabaret...man, I'd love to see that!! (hint, hint)

We were here for this Dance Festival.
 The buildings across the street there, up the steps are the Booker T school buildings. The black one to the left is an auditorium.

More of the view from AT&T PAC.

This is so pretty to me. You can see the Cathedral Guadalupe from here. It's a good landmark to help you navigate or figure orientation from pictures, since its High Victorian Gothic architecture is significantly different than the surrounding buildings. You can set up a tour of it, too. It's the 2nd largest cathedral congregation in the nation, the largest being St Patrick's in NYC. It's beautiful, check it out one day!

This the Booker T Washington school for the visual and  performing arts.

This is One Arts Plaza

William really liked this fountain, but the security man thought he should perhaps not do that. 

From One Arts Plaza, you can see all the way down Flora Street.

 In the plaza are several restaurants: Italian, Chinese, and ....a home-cooking! whatever that means!

Outside the Chinese restaurant.

Walking along the sidewalk by the school

This is inside the school

Can you believe these dance studios for the students? they are so lucky! The actual floor is one story down from where I am. The inside of the studios are two stories tall! TWO!

Waiting not-so-patiently for a fee dance lesson. They have this dance festival every year, and you can register for up to two dance classes per day , for free. You can go to more than two, if there are openings, but some are more popular than others. This one is Musical Theater. The guy in the blue superman shirt is the teacher.

After that, we found some nice tables at the AT&T PAC to have our lunch.

I love this building! 

 Do you see the Cathedral?

This is between the Meyerson Symphony Center and the Cathedral.

Church had just let out and there were a ton of snack and corn vendors on the walks across from the Cathedral. I was super tempted by the corn.

 This was very pretty, too. There were so many beautiful things to take in. I should tag all of my entries with "ergo" because every post I do away from home has one of us with one of the boys in an Ergo. Best. Carrier. EVER. This was William's turn. He's 4.5 and about 42 pounds. Totally no problem to carry this way. Makes everyone happy!

The Meyerson Symphony Center.

Finally, the sign for the AT &T PAC. 

This place has so many performing areas.

I think this may be the best picture I have ever taken. It's of the walk way that leads to an outdoor venue.

 Wouldn't it be lovely to come to a show or concert here?

The "beautiful picture" from the other direction.

Hee hee...this was WAY up on the sidewalk....

The whole time the Dance Festival goes on, the auditorium has demonstrations of dance from companies all over Dallas. This African Dance group is from Booker T. That's right, they're kids. It was THE best one, ever. Ok, they were very good. Not like kids. 

William and Doug, taking it all in. William took of his shoes...he wasn't going anywhere! 

So many different kinds of dance!

 These girls were from the Hockaday School, an all-girls private school.

If you haven't spent time in the Dallas Arts District, check it out! Some of the other places we've been to, and I've blogged about are the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Trammel Crow Asian Art Collection, and McKinney Avenue Trolley.

One last thing to share: a tidbit from the first performance of the day: professional dancers from Burn The Floor. The woman is Giselle Peacock, who was also on So You Think You Can Dance.


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