Easter Egg Dying Fiasco 2011

To be honest, I've never had an egg dying fiasco before. I have five children. The oldest is 24. We have dyed a hundred dozen eggs, I'm sure.No fiasco. No problem. No incident that either Terah (the 24 y/o) or I could recall.

I also failed to get a pic of the finished eggs. No matter. They were almost all pink or purple and had glitter.
Last year (and previous years) neither William (4.5) or Aldous (2.5) had ANY interest in dying the eggs. This year, I couldn't keep them away. It was INSANE!!!

I took his color and suggested another. *sigh* He's going thru an unfortunate phase right now where sobbing is the default reaction to everything. Usually the sobbing is accompanied by a supine position on the floor, and maybe the flailing of limbs, and at the very least, a head in the hands.

William was WAY into the egg dying, too. Here he's plotting his next dye color. He ended up with about 3 cups of dye in front of him.

The stirring of the egg in the dye cups was the best part.

Audrey just liked holding the pretty eggs.

Crazy boys.
 He was getting TOO crazy so I took his shirt off.


It's all fun and games until a dye sharing incident leads to a dye spilling tantrum. arg. The rug has a terrible stain. I showered with the spray bleach to get this off.

And, the print shirt ended up w/ a drop of dye on it, and a TON of dye spilled in Aldous' booster chair. William had a bit on the front of his uniform shirt.

I put them in my stain soak the next morning, and in 30 minutes, they were all fine! Dye totally gone!

So, that was our egg dying fun. How did your eggs turn out? What "method" or trick did you try this year?

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