Recycled Wool Crafting: Pomanders and Coffee Cup Cozies.

Each year, I try to make a small dent in my wool scraps by using them for fabulous crafts. The interwebs is FULL of fun ideas, but my fav idea-machine is Betz White. One of my friends gave me her book, Sewing Green,  for my birthday a few years back and I LOVE it.

These wool pomanders are from her website, and are so easy (if time-consuming) to make, and they're so beautiful. Thus, the seven hundred pictures of them. They really are too pretty to hide away in your closet with your clothes. In case you try this, I used my 50% coupon to buy the balls from JoAnn, and then went back with another coupon to buy special glue for Styrofoam. I tried three other kinds of glues but none worked well.

Look at these beauties! Just waiting for a few drops of your favorite essential oils to smell up your stuff! AAAHHHHH!

Wool Coffee Cozies
Another thing I made, that I LOVE!! are these coffee cup cozies, like the paper ones at Starbucks, except WOOL!! I love these SO much but they do take some time to make. These have some needle-felted areas, and some hand embroidery, plus fancy vintage buttons to close.

Cute little flowers.

fancy vintage button

blue woolly snail

another fancy vintage button

Here's where  I got the fab pattern for these: I just used it for the general shape, but then went off on my own from there. There are instructions that go with it, tho,   here at Factory Direct Craft Blog.

I loved making these for Christmas gifts this year, and I hope to make some of those pomanders for myself (since I have a lot of those Styrofoam balls left)

Happy crafting! I'm always happy to read your comments.


Holly said...

Wow, those pomanders are really, really gorgeous! Yes, too pretty to put in a closet.

Mrs. Bianca said...

Those pomanders are divine. I think you gave me a wonderful idea for Mari's birthday party. Also, I am sooooo jealous of those coffee cozies, especially the snail with the fancy colored vintage button. Those are fantastic!!!


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