The Halloween pics! Hurray!

These are all by Jennifer Mazy. 
These pics turned out so wonderfully, despite how awful the little ones were being. William was pretty awesome, but it was naptime for all the rest of them and they were FUSSY and uncooperative. No matter, the pics are great! Thanks, Jennifer!

The whole gang:

The Red Queen: Rosemary, 5wks
Alice: Audrey, 20 mths
The White Rabbit: Aldous, 25 mths
The Mad Hatter: William, 3 yrs

Thanks for looking! now, off to plan next year's costumes! *wink, wink*


Terah said...

they are SO cute :)

Michelle said...

These are amazing! I especially love the ones of William making faces. Too funny! You really outdid yourself this year!


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