Labor Day, and William Looks Like Babar.

Our Labor Day celebration was pretty low key (as usual). We grilled some steaks, and took the kids to the park to let them play and get tired until dark.

I made up a half of a batch of the Soft Sugar Cakes, and some small hamburger buns from the 40 Minute Rolls recipe. We also had steak, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and broccoli. Exciting!!

The cookies (the most important part of the meal). I made squirrels, hedgehogs, snails (Terah and William thought they were whales) and acorns.  Get the recipe HERE

The 40 Minute Hamburger Buns. This recipe is amazing. It makes the BEST buns!! I use this for dinner rolls all the time. It's my go-to recipe because it's so quick and easy and has such outstanding results.

The kid plates. Wal-mart sells small preformed patties that were perfect for kid burgers, and the buns are the right size for those.

The spread. MMMMMM! I was super-fancy and served our bread (the rest of the buns) in a ziplock bag. I also forgot to set out butter to soften, so we had to use "spray butter". Oops. Not making it on Martha Stewart today! Notice Terah's belly sneaking into the picture?

Aldous enjoying his food. Yum!

Terah having some dinner.

This concludes the Labor Day pictures.

On Sunday, William was so proud of how he looked that he proclaimed "I look like Babar!!" . He said this because, you see, Babar gets "a fine suit of clothes" when he moves to the city. When he returns to the jungle he makes all the other elephants wear clothes, too, but they don't seem to notice that it sucks.
Imagine how much fabric it would take to make a suit coat and pants, plus a shirt for an ELEPHANT!!!

Anyway, here's William in his fine suit of clothes, none of which are homemade, so don't get excited.

I do not coach William in his modeling, except to tell him to stop picking his nose, etc, so all of these ridiculous poses are all his own work.

I hope the pics of William made you giggle a little bit. They are kinda Zoolander-ish, I think.


Holly said...

Wow, Jacki, those buns are so pretty.

christene said...

that's a lot of cookies! and i will definitely try those buns, my favorite roll recipe is awesome, but time consuming. it does yield a nice crunchy outer layer, but it costs three rising cycles. not good for last minute rolls. and what is up with william's kicks? they are awesome! details!

Jennifer said...

Love the poses. And you're right - very Zoolanderish. :)


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