Jersey Shore, Episode 4

One day we decided to eat breakfast at a restaurant. This was right down the street. I think it was called Krystal's but I can't remember. Anyway, my sister Jo said she used to work there. I was really pleased with it, except that Aldous cut his finger on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom and the cashier was rather apathetic when I asked for a bandaid (which he didn't have).

When we went in both boys were so hungry they were to the point of freak-out.
I orderd them toast and strawberries, and coffee for me, as appetizers, so we could figure out what we were REALLY having.

They strawberries and toast were a big hit, and were delivered with in minutes, too!! AHHHHH

The boys each had two pancakes and an order of bacon, and I had scrambled eggs and bacon. and more coffee. this is the aftermath of breakfast.

And more....there was VERY little food left. Those boys were STARVING!!

On our way back from Smithville, I swung by the old 'hood, checked out the sites. Most of these pics are from the car window, because if I got out of the car, Aldous would freak out like I was leaving him.
The Ladies Auxilary used to host the Easter Egg hunt when we lived here, and it was always held here. The also used to have a bazzar.

and here's the little church we used to go to occaisionally.

This is my old elementary school. I went from 3rd to 5th here. My mother and one of my sisters went to school here, too.

The 19th Hole. This is right around the corner from my old house. Dad used to come here frequently, and I've been served MANY a Shirley Temple in this joint.

I think this is called Seaview Marriott now, but it used to be called Seaview Country Club. My dad had a job here as a cook (not sure?) for a couple of months.

here's Seaview Golf Course....this was where we would go sledding in the winter snow because of the awesome hills. Funny how I didn't see any awesome hills as I drove by.....just very modest swells of land...hmmmm

My friends Mike and Michelle used to live here. Their dad was super creepy and their mom was a hoarder. This used to be a gray house, and was cluttered with all kinds of stuff. She had unopened boxes of Wheaties and other cereal that were decades old that she save because of who was on the box or what the prize was. I was also always tempted to filch the gazillions of s&h greenstamps she had stuffed in various places around the house because my mom always saved them to buy stuff. I bought Terah's baby bassinett with greenstamps mom and I have saved up.

this is Aunt Hilda's house. She was in Florida while I was there, so I didn't get to see her. :( I had to make do with stalking her house.

This house was much larger, like a MANSION when I was a kid, and was a single family home. We used to wait on the corner for the bus.

This is our old house. it looks now like the hoarders from down the street have moved two houses over. This house used to be gray with white trim, and had the wide pyramid kind of steps up the front, not some Home Depot deck steps. Also, there was a low hedge close to the road. And no boat, junk or anything in the yard or porch.  Mom always kept the flower beds so pretty here. I can remember the Lily of the Valley in particular, and the huge forsythia in the back yard. There were also a couple of gigantic holly trees in the yard, too. It sucked raking THOSE leaves!!

A couple days before we left, there was a pollen blizzard. I came out one morning to find a coat of pollen on the whole world! It was so weird!! Nothing but yellow as far as I could see!


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