Bloody Gook and Dollar Spot Fashion plus toy shopping!!

I found this mess outside my garage. it's also all over the inside of my dumpster. HMMM, I'm sure that Aimee has SOMETHING to do with it!! There wasn't enough for there to be a dead body, and it was still that bright red when Doug came home, so we decided it might be something other than blood, but neither of us wants to touch or smell it, so we'll never know.

The boys and I went to Target today to get cat food, but found a few other things. We also checked out the toys to see if there was anything in particular that Santa may want to bring them, if they're good, that is.

We went first to the play food, b/c I don't want any plastic play food. In fact, I try to avoid buying any plastic toys, but it's pretty hard!!
Anyway, this whole toy food and kitchen area was glowing pink. It was revolting!!! But these neat packages of food are a good find, I think. These are wooden, with choice of cheese & crackers, ice cream, fruit/veg, different jars of stuff for $10. (pardon the toy pics' quality, I took them with my phone)

Smurfs are back?? Really??

Mega Blocks comes in sets featuring Yo Gabba Gabba, one of William's favs. He also like the Ni Hao, Kai-lan, show that comes on Nickelodeon, and Mega Blocks has sets of those, too. The Ni Hao, Kai-lan ones are especially appealing to the eye.

More of the homemaking aisle. Can you believe all this pink shit?? Is this the 1950's??? retch, gag, hurl.

William was a RIOT with these baby dolls!! They are all motion sensor activated and do various things and he was enthralled. They are, of course, not breast feeding friendly. Shame on you, Fisher Price, to make small children think babies MUST be fed with bottles.

Later in the day, while William was napping, Aldous put on a hula show, after trashing my sewing room.

At Target's Dollar Spot, I found tattoo sleeves and terry wrist bands. I chose Kiss ones, and used them as knee pads with the tattoo sleeve baby legs. There are pink/feminine looking tattoo sleeves, too and I may go back and pick up another pair.

That's all for today!!


Helen said...

We have that diaper cover too, one of my favs. Cute baby legs/knee pads! You're so ingenious.

Dina said...

so did Aimee sacrifice a goat or something?

love the tattoo sleeves and KISS wristbands!!

Debbie said...

I love your blog..thanks for the applique ideas. I found your link at sewingmamas.
BTW...I'm in the midwest....


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