Wrap Pants Sew Along!!!

using this tutorial, from Crafty Tutorials!

My first goal is to find some fabric the right size, somewhere in my stash. I doubt I'll have to buy anything. I may use a gauze of some sort....hmmmm, I also have a crazy rainbow tie-died woven that would work well, too!

According to the instructions, I need a piece of fabric at least 3/4 of my waist circumference, by my measurement from waist to floor.

My waist is 32 inches, so 32 x .75 = 24, there's that measurement, for the side of the fabric to be the waist.
For the length, I'm going to guess. I know I have an 11 inch rise (from waist to crotch) and my inseam is 31 1/2, so I'm going to figure on 42 inches in length. Of course I can hem it shorter if it's too long. And if it's too short, I won't care. These look great at a cropped length, so I won't lose any sleep over that.

According to my calculations, I need fabric that is at least 24 inches wide, and 42 inches long.

Now, figure out your fabric size!!
Waist x .75 = width of fabric
From waist to floor measurement (or rise + inseam) = length of fabric.

Right now it's 1am, so I'll be back in the "real" daytime with a pic of my fabric selection!!

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