The State Fair 10/11/08

On Doug's birthday we went to the state fair! It was a ton of fun! Emily was in town for the weekend, so she, Doug, William, and Aldous and I headed out for some state fair fun!
We took the train, much to William's delight. It was TX/OU weekend, so there were tons of college football fans on the trains and buses, and all over fair park, since that is where the cotton bowl is.

William always enjoys a good petting zoo!!! He fears NO animal!
William petting a baby donkey......

Here is the biggest pig EVER, but William takes her on! She had a bunch of teeny tiny piglets in the pen with her...so cute!!!

William with his perennial favorite, a goat.

Emily and William pose for a picture! We had to wait in line for this background....go figure!

While I nursed Aldous in the shade, Emily, William and Doug rode the Texas Star, a HUGE ferris wheel! Here's a view of downtown from the ferris wheel.

Whee!!! Whee!!!

A view of the Cotton Bowl: packed full!!! Tons of red and orange!!

Another view.

Emily and William riding a tiny roller coaster.

He's so small you can't really see him.

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