Newborn Diaper Stash

Today before church, I couldn't quit obsessing over the newborn diapers. I had kept some, but I had given away MANY of the ones I had made for William. I knew there were a couple I had pulled from my store when I found out I was pregnant, but I didn't have ANY idea how many there really were. And my due date is less than 10 weeks away!
I also wasn't sure how many covers I had, either, since I had given (I thought) a ton of them away.

It turns out that I have 23 diapers, total. So I have a few more to sew up before baby comes. I like to have at least 3 dozen as NB use about 12 per day!!

I do, however, have plenty of NB and small covers, and they're all my favs by Biobottoms and Nikky.

I also have a VERY WEE stack of Emily-made wipes. I think I'm gonna have to put her to work! I need WAY more than this!

While digging through my diapers, though, I found a pile of already cut-out NB dipes that Kat had given me! WOOT! There are enough to make 13 diapers! If I use some of the doublers I made last time (and never use) as the soakers, I won't have to cut ANYTHING!! I can just sew them together! And these are prints I don't currently have, so there will be some variety.

And, Emily is in luck! There was a stack of wipes cut and ready to be sewn, in with the pile of cut diapers! WoooHOOO!!!

So between the unmade diapers and the ones I already have, I should have exactly enough! Thank goodness! Now I can worry about the next size, because these will only fit for two months!

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