William's Free-Wheeling Shenanigans

Since moving into the townhouse "we" have been slow at getting the cabinets child-proofed and obtaining proper storage for all of our belongings. It's QUITE the organizational nightmare! BUT William has been partying for at least a week in all the fun things he can now get into!! WOOT!!!

Additionally, the marble floor makes scooting chairs around VERY easy, and the placement of the dining furniture enables William to freely access the dining table whenever he wishes. It's amazingly delightful and fun!

For your consideration first is the Corn Starch Bonanza!

For your further enjoyment, the Straight Pin Fiasco.
Many of these were also thrown into the trash. NICE!!!
The dining table is temporarily my sewing area, as we've yet not gotten my area prepared.

The Cookie Crumb Catastrophe. William, who was sadly out of cookies, decided to enjoy the crumbs from the package on the table, while also "adjusting" my sewing machine. Please notice the beautiful paste of cookie and saliva he's with which he's adorned the wheel and the on/off button of my machine. There is a pile of crumbs in the background.

And finally, the Utensil Rearrangement Project. Here is an example of a chair moved stealthily from another room to allow access to a STILL un-safety-latched drawer. This is the BEST drawer in the house as it holds all the knives! Great fun!! Call CPS!!

All utensils were sorted and organized neatly in this drawer, of course, but not to William's satisfaction.

Apparently, some of the utensils he found to be quite dirty and threw them into the sink for a good washing. This made me sad, because the only dirty dishes I had prior to William's organizational attempt were the bowl and red cup.

Trashing the house is exhausting work!!!

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