Running and Sewing: What I've been up to lately

I had SUCH a busy Thanksgiving! My daughter Emily came to visit and have dinner with us, and my daughter Terah and her family joined us, too!

The adults in the back row (from left to right) are me, Emily, Terah, and my son-in-law Mike. The kids are William, Aldous, Rosemary and Audrey.

I've run a few races: A half marathon. I look like a bad ass in this pic.

a 5k, filling in for my friend Brittany, who couldn't run because she hurt her knee. I always wave at my friends and family when I pass them, so there is a pic of me waving like a lunatic at every.single.race. tee hee.

And, the Dallas Turkey Trot, where I participated in setting a Guinness World Record by wearing a turkey costume, along with 660 other people (they had their own costumes...ha ha.). I asked some random kid to take this picture.

I meant to run the 8 mile, but that turkey costume was seriously malfunctioning and it was unbearably hot, so I only ran the 5k. No matter. There was pie at home.

In 5 days, I have another half-marathon. It'll be my 3rd this year, and my 3rd ever. I've only been running 18mths, so I don't have a lot of races under my belt yet.

Enough with the running, I've also been sewing. I can't really share my Christmas gifts, as usual, but I have been also working on an Advent Calendar. I'm making the traditional big rectangular wall hanging of wool felt with lots of little felt pockets with appliques. So clever and original!! I decided to do this last-minute, so this is it! Here is the first batch of little appliqued pockets: there will be a more elaborate post about this later.

Each of these squares is 3.5"sq..pretty small, I guess.

The gingerbread man. I do so love an excuse to use the super tiny googly eyes.

The gingerbread house and the owl..look, super tiny pom-poms, and larger googly eyes.

Here's my to-do stack! ACK! I'm afraid I won't get done on time! but, I'm working pretty hard, so maybe it will happen!

That's all folks! Are you making any Christmas decorations this year? any tree skirts? advent calendars? stockings? Be sure and check out my tutorials and gift ideas pages to inspire your creativity!


Ritu said...

You are one busy lady, Ms Jacki!

The advent calender is looking really nice, btw.

Ena said...

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