How To Use a Pineapple Slicer

I found this cool pineapple slicer in the clearance section of Aldi for $5. I kind of hate cutting up pineapples, so for $5 I thought I could give it a try. I photographed the entire experience of slicing my first pineapple with the gadget and it went pretty well, I thought.

Oh, yeah, and this is really a lot like the one at Williams-Sonoma

So, here's the beast. A spirally cutter on one end, detachable handle on the other.

And, there are instructions on the box. Handy.

cut off both ends of your pineapple.

Center the slicer on the pineapple. make sure your handle is STRAIGHT up, not leaning to one side, like you might be tempted to do because of the spiral slicer thing.

Begin twisting the handle. The spiral slicer thing will easily cut into the pineapple.

Keep turning until you get to the bottom of the pineapple.

twist gently in the opposite direction for a half turn then pull straight up!

This is the inside! I used a small pineapple, so there wasn't a lot of wasted flesh on the inside. With a larger pineapple you may have some still on the inside.

Take the handle off .

Then slide the slices off! Viola!

Perfectly sliced pineapple! Juicy and delicious!


Cori said...

No, no...Don't cut off the bottom. Leave it intact, and you end up with the shell being a great fruit salad serving bowl!

Jacki said...

Oh, cool idea, Cori!!


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