A Monday Recipe: Sister Mary's Zesty Carrots

I don't know who the heck Sister Mary is, but she can rock some carrots!! These are my favorite and I can eat a whole batch all by myself. Doug will eat his usual three or four and call it a serving. He says he likes carrots, which means he can tolerate those three or four? tee hee

8 carrots peeled and cut into strips
2 T grated onion (I use a bit more)
2 T horseradish (I use a bit more)
1/2 c mayo (this is a good place to use up that miracle whip you bought on accident)
1/4 t salt
1/2 pepper
1/4c water
1/2c breadcrumbs (I use panko)
2 T melted butter

I cook the carrots in the microwave in pyrex for 13 minutes (in water, of course)
While they're cooking, I mix up all but the last two ingredients. Honestly, I never measure any of that crap and just throw it in a bowl and whisk it together. I probably use twice the amount of horseradish called for. Drain the carrots and stir into the sauce you made, pour into a baking dish.
stir your breadcrumbs into the butter, then sprinkle on the tops.

The instructions say to bake 15-20 m on 375, but I usually put the oven on broil, lower the rack a bit and just broil until the crumbs are brown. I mean, it's already hot and cooked??


We use rainbow carrots, which I think are super pretty!! William likes to help me cook these, but he refuses to even SMELL a carrot!!

Before pic of the carrots: oh yeah, I don't cut them in strips as the recipe says, either, because that's too much trouble.

The finished dish!! YUM!!

Eat up!!

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