Day five!! We hit the fabric stores in Honolulu!! WOOT!!

After a harrowing start to our day, which included my leaving my bag with my room key, ID, money and baby paraphenalia in my room, and a parking fiasco that led to us circling the block a few times to find a landing spot, Marilyn and son Alex and I and my boys set off in search of fabric.

Our first stop was Fabric Mart, which you'll recall from my earlier Hawaii post. Or not. Anyway, it looks like this.

This is the Hawaiian version of Golden D'or. It has so many Hawaiian fabrics, plus a ton of swimsuit and boardshorts fabrics. A bit of Japanese, and a few knits, and then a ton of apparel fabrics. 

Here's what I bought there:

light blue w/ red stripe shirting, and blue/black board short fabric

Monsters playing sports...this is so awesome, and I can't wait to use it.

Some fun Japanese woven cotton fabric

And, the prize, poly retro hawaiian/travel postcard print!!! This stuff is SO AWESOME!!!

here are the nice people helping us at Fabric Mart. Sorry these pics are so poor!! I used my disposable camera instead of my phone....big mistake!!!

Fabric mart was huge, two stories, with gigantic round LONG bolts, not the short flat ones you usually see. This view is from upstairs.

This is Alex with a bolt of textured vinyl. William, who was in the stroller, had another small bolt of something and they kept sword fighting.  It was delightful. Luckily, Marilyn was there and we took turns yelling at them. :) To no avail, of course. They were having too much fun!!!

Next on the agenda was Wal-mart. The same one I had been to a couple days before, but had forgotten they had fabric, since mine doesn't.  I was in for a surprise. And, although this Wal-mart has fabric and an L&L Hawaiian BBQ, it does not have bananas (or any produce). Go figure.

They had the same Japanese print I got at Fabric Mart, but it was a bit more expensive. I love the Koi fabric and I saw it at Fabric Mart, too. It must be popular!

Heavier Japanese cotton print, canvas-like.

Some bottom-weights fabrics. These were super cheap: $2/yd!! the peach is a linen-like stuff, the khaki check is like a rayon-cotton, and the gray is just a flannel soft herringbone stripe.

And my Wal-mart prize: Rockets, planets, satellites, stars, palm trees and a space shuttle full of pineapples!!

And here is the poor woman who had to listen to our unruly children while cutting the fabric. She knew Marilyn, tho, and said "See you soon!" when we finally left. I *think* Marilyn may go there often. 
Ha ha!!

After that exhausting encounted, Marilyn encouraged me to continue to ONE final store, although the boys were spitting at each other in the back seat and I wanted to kill them. She was certain I wouldn't want to leave Honolulu without seeing this store. She was right!!! 

 We went to Kaimuki Dry Goods, ltd. This store is incredible!! They have every Japanese print you can imagine, plus such lovely apparel fabrics!! I've never seen such a beautiful store!!! I got just a small remnant, and the prices were pretty high, but they had really quality stuff!!
And the boys were only slightly whiny. William proclaimed as we walked in the door "oh, no!! No fabrics! No fabrics!!" He had had enough!!
This is my fabric I bought. It's a super-soft and nice rib knit.
So, I made my small purchase, and we headed back toward the hotel. Marilyn took the scenic route so we could see some pretty stuff that was more than walking distance from the hotel. So, this is what it looks like away from the beach in Honolulu.

A scenic overlook...This was so pretty!!!

In addition to the cool fabrics I found, Marilyn gave me a piece of this beautiful mermaid fabric!!

We got back, the kids had some lunch, watched some tv, then took another very, very, very long nap. :)

Thanks to Marilyn for another fun-filled day!!
We were excited for the next day, Saturday, because Doug could spend the whole day with us!! WOOT!!


Jonna said...

did you bring an extra suitcase to bring home all the extra fabric? I am loving your selections! I miss reading about the Tsunami though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki!
Glad you had fun~fabric shopping! I promise next time it will be "kids" day!! NO more fabrics~is what Alex keeps telling me too!! I had fun taking you fabric shopping!! I can't wait to see what you sew up!! : )


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