I ate colloidal silver for 14 years and i've turned blue, or, I made jeans!

Remember this guy??

I got this denim from my friend Julia in a just-barely-before-Stash-Game trade. It's nice and dark!!!
And, despite being washed several times, still turned my hands blue!

I had drafted a pattern for wide-legged jeans from Weekend Designer in January, hoping to make myself a pair of pants that didn't have too low of a rise for my tummy and long torso (even mid-rise is right above my hip bones). I really needed a denim trouser....something less constricting and fiddly (pulling down, hiking up, etc) while wearing, Something that looked nice, but not like I am always wearing dress pants.

About the Weekend Designer draft instructions: the width of your leg at the hem determines the width of the whole pant leg, so if you want a flare, you're going to have to vary from the drafting instructions. Also, because this draft instructions contains NO sewing instructions, I recommend sewing a pair of pants from a pattern with instructions first, even if they're not your size. Just make them from a sheet or something, so you can see the order in which to put these together.

So...these are what I ended up with. You can see where my problem lies in finding well-fitting pants, in the significant difference in waist and hip sizes. The legs ARE wide on me, purposely, to fit more like a trouser than traditional jeans.

Here is the fancy back pocket and close up of the waist band. The white is a bit of marking pencil.

I used double needle on the hem.

I used a button from my vintage stash...it has a big ship on it. Tee hee!! And here is my well-executed two-seam zippered fly, ala Nancy Zieman. (on Half.com for .75) Oh yes, and the belt loops. To make belt loops, I assume they're 9cm long, and 5cm wide, but I make ONE long, 45 cm strip. I fold it in thirds, then double needle down the WHOLE length of it. Then I divide it into 5ths, and cut them. After I stitch them on the pants, I use a generous amount of Fray Check to seal the double needle

I added a coin pocket on one side, and lined both pockets with this vintage-ish calico

And here they are modeled!!! 
The back

The front

And the most important thing of all: NO GAPING WAIST BAND!!!! Almost EVERY pair of store-bought pants has a huge gaping waistband, since I have to buy to fit my hips. UG!! So hideous under clothing!! And belts don't help at all. YUCK!!

 I also had Doug do a few pics of me in my free burda download top. Here it is with out the stretchy pull-over belt
I'm going to blame the goofy-goober look on my face on my photographer, who was told to look critically at me for anything unsightly so that I wouldn't humiliate myself on the interwebs.  Good job, Doug. ;)

And, finally, the top with belt added. This is especially nice if you're wearing pants that have gaping waist-bands. tee hee!! I like how it lenghtens the look of the top. Oh, yes, I am also well-aware that this is another goofy pic, and that William is showing me his cup he took out of the trash. Sigh.


Goosegirl said...

Jacki, your jeans look perfect!! And they fit you beautifully. I am so happy for you! I need to try to do that to fit my odd shaped bod as I always have gaping at my waist. You have given me hope!

Julia said...

Those jeans look fabulous, Jacki! I'm so glad my denim went to a good cause.


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