Terah's Birthday!!!

Terah's birthday was November 12th, and we had her dinner/celebration that weekend.
She had already gotten her gift from us, so it was pretty much just a "come over to eat" kind of thing.

She always wants a cheese cake. This years' was decorated a bit strangely, but it still tasted good!!

William is in charge of blowing out all birthday candles!!

This pic was taken by William

and so was this

And this....pretty artistic, huh?

Mikey and Audrey

We all tried to convince Audrey to push the walker wagon, but she wasn't into it.

Everyone on wheels...well, except Doug

William thinks it's fun to walk "slowly" with Aldous, so she tried it with Audrey...so cute!!

Aldous showing Audrey how to work the walker wagon.

We pitched in to get Terah this sewing machine!! It made Consumer Reports best sewing machines top 10 list, and is a great price with tons of features!! It has more stitches than my expensive machine does, and with the extra warranty and service plan (I recommend) it's only $220!!! A BARGAIN!!! this is a great machine for beginners who hope to not stay beginners! I would have bought this machine myself had I known about it. It's made by Janome and has the quality you expect from Janome.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to EVERYONE who needs a sewing machine, and is hoping for Santa to leave one under the tree this year. Don't waste your money on anything else!!
I'm actually a bit jealous of it because it has honeycomb stitch and mine doesn't. Darn it!!

Happy Birthday, Terah!!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME machine!!! :)


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