Christmas Parade Fun!!! 2009

Happy Birthday, MOM!!!!

This was a our first time to go to the Adolphus Children's Parade in Dallas, and BOY HOWDY was it cold!!! It was 27 when we headed out, but warmed up to a toasty 33 by the time we got there. We took DART rail, then walked over a couple of blocks. We found a pretty good spot in front of the First Presbyterian Church.

William warmed himself and his hands on a cup of coffee while we waited for the parade to start.

I won't pretend to know what Doug was doing here.

I hadn't been to a parade this big in a long time and was surprised at how crowded it was and how many street vendors there were! I like cotton candy, but I can't say I was much in the mood for it.

William waiting for the party to start.

Aldous takes a turn in the stroller, so William can see the parade better

Waiting, not so patiently.

The parade started a good ways away at 10am, but at 10:15 this fast-walking bunch of marchers came scurrying by. They might have been cold.

Cute pic of the two trouble-makers.

Silly Aldous. I ended up holding him, so he didn't miss anything.

Just in time, too, because there's SANTA!!!!!

Freakin' huge Santa!!

Aldous loved this one. Actually, he loved them all. He thought it was a party and danced and clapped and shouted "woo, woo" at almost everybody who passed.

A fire truck!!

Holy smokes, Batman!!!

here is Selena Gomez. She is a star of some sort, but I've never heard of her. Here is some info, so you can be impressed.

Nonetheless, she was pretty and I got two pics of her.

Two characters from Wordworld, on PBS

And Bob the Builder. We don't watch this show, but William was impressed by the front-end loader. And look who's coming behind him!!!

Aldous spots Barney!!!

Even bigger filled with air!!

And from where the wild things are.


another elf

a poor pic of Arthur. I was holding William and he was crying at this point, although we couldn't figure out why. We thought because he was too cold.

Although when we saw these women, I really thought Valerie was a big sissy and that William just needed to buck up. ;)

And somehow, en route to the parade, Douglas lost his underpants.

Another freakin' giant thing.

And Star Wars Characters. Doug really liked these.

We left after that because William was really upset. We saw more of the parade as we were leaving as we had to go around the end of it, but William was freaking out too much for me to take pictures. By the time we got on the train, though, he was fine. Here he is, calmed down, back at CityPlace Station.

Aldous had calmed down a bit by then, too. :)

After we got home and William had eaten TWO sandwiches, we discovered that while he WAS cold at the parade, he thought the big balloons were really scary and were going to get him. Poor kid!! He said he REALLY liked the bands and the drums, though.

We all rested a bit, the changed clothes again to head out for the boys' Christmas pictures! WHEW!!


Jonna said...

love the dig at Valerie!!

Jacki said...

ha ha, I had to tease her, b/c she wasn't the one with issues with the cold! It was really Mosely who couldn't get out. :)

Helen said...

Okay, now I really want to see this parade in person. WOW!


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