pumpkin carving fun!

Last night we had a great time!!! Everyone came over to carve Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween.
As usual, William helped me prepare by taste tasting the cake......

And the frosting!!! It goes without saying that I didn't mention a bite being taken out of the cake while the guests were there. :)

Here's the final cake. I made a bunch of yellow, red and orange fondant leaves and covered the frosted cake with them. It was a marble cake with chocolate frosting (in case you hadn't figured that out yet)

Look: a Halloween banner...

The stuff on the table. Probably after the sixteenth time of rearranging it because William kept moving everything to smell the candle. He kept saying "I love cannels!!"

The funny napkins and plates I found ON SALE at Target. I just can't go to Target. It's too expensive because all of these totally adorable things find their way into my cart.

Terah and William taking all the pumpkins to the front. William is wearing his awesome skull cords from Target.

Baby Audrey in her pretty dress, with t-shirt and bow from Target. ha!

We put the extra bow on Aldous...

Everybody at the table

Zachary was being strange with his candy corn. We found Carmel Corn at Target, too!!

Audrey and Aldous enjoyed each other at dinner, and Aldous kept feeding her beans.

William thought the conclusion of dinner was a good time for an Alexander smack-down.

An event is not complete with out a sexy pose from Doug.

This is Mikey's sexy pose.

here are all of our pumpkins, lined up and ready to go!!!

I think Audrey wanted to go carve her own pumpkin!

Doug and Aldous had to get the soundtrack to pumpkin carving all lined up.

William cautiously gives Terah a hand, with his spoon.

Working hard!!! Alexander is on the phone with Grandmom, who called during the festivities and managed to catch us all at the same time. Good timing!!

Ashley carving her masterpiece. Her's was nearly perfect!!

More hard work....and lots of concentration! Alexander is still talking!

Audrey wonders just what her Mommy is doing!!

Silly Terah!! Alexander is STILL talking....

Spooky pic of William!!

Look!! Punkin' Head!! well, Zachary, anyway.

The finished Jack O'Lanterns



Dina said...

those are awesome! what a fun night with the family :)

Helen said...

Great job guys! Totally impressive carving abilities.

Kimmygintx said...

Those carvings look awesome and that cake looked delish (I say "looked" b/c I'm sure it's all gone by now, right? LOL)! :drool

Anonymous said...

i love it!! that was a very good time. and we appreciate william making sure things are safe to eat. he's such a big help!!! lol!!!


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