A conversation about toast.

I ADORE William's adventure with language as he works out how to use what words he knows effectively, and still manage to adhere to manners and convention to the extent that he understands it.

This exchange this morning was such a good example of his minimalist approach to lanquage and his efficieny at making his ideas known. So cute, too!! :giggle

I toasted a couple of pieces of bread for a snack, and when William heard the toaster he ran over. He said. "one toast please!" and held up one finger. :) I gave him the piece I had already buttered and he left. I finished my peiece the same time he had finished his. He came up to me and said "no butter please, no butter, just toast!! One more please I LOVE toast!!" and so while I was fixing this toast, he found an apple in the fridge to eat (it's long a wait, toast)
The toast pops up and he runs over, half eaten apple in hand. I start to butter it (just in case he didn't know what he was talking about) and he says "no butter!! just toast!". I hand him the toast, and he looks intently at it, looks at his apple, then back to the toast. He says "no, thank you, Mommy. Apple!!" and then skips away.
ha ha!


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