William and his Goats


We had a play date today at a park w/ a small petting zoo. William LOVED it!! He loved seeing all the animals but absolutely refused to pet any animals that were too close to strange humans. He LONGED to pet the pony, but the pony's keeper had him on a short lead and William couldn't get past it. HOWEVER, he found plenty of other animals to hold his interest.

He's never seen any livestock, ever, but he wasn't shy at all about petting the goats. He didn't mind them pushing or moving fast, either.

In fact, he LOVES the goats!!!

The ducks were cool, too.

This donkey was sweet. In addition to being petted, he also got a hug.

William decided he would just stay in the pen with the nice goats.

Did I mention he liked the goats?

This one was especially pettable.

Woo hoo! ALL the goats!! He went from goat to goat here, giving each one a pat.

Brownie's turn.

He REALLY loved these goats. He kissed one of them on the ear, but I didn't get a pic of it.

The sheep weren't bad, either, but they sure weren't goats!

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