a FUNNY today!

This is a history (10 years old) story, but WAY funny! I was thinking about it this morning....

I worked in a dentist's office and while waiting for my patient I was sort of leaning on the secretary's counter, shooting the breeze to pass the time. In order to get a clear picture of this event, picture the secretary: very tall and thin, fluffy big 80's hair, blue eyeshadow, and a high-pitched whiny Southern drawl. She's a very sweet woman, but honestly, that cat ain't got all her kittens....

So while chatting it up at the counter, she says "So, what are y'all's plans for the weekend?" I said "The girls and I are going to see Don Giovanni", which was playing in the next town. She was absolutely quite for AT LEAST a minute, then finally said "Now, WHO'S he, again?"

Another Don Giovanni funny: at the end of the opera, at Don Giovanni's destruction, Emily (who was four at the time) said "That's what he gets for having too many girlfriends!"

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